55 Easy & Simple Christmas Dinner Recipes and Ideas

The vegan trend is storming not only the daily dishes but also holidays, particularly Christmas. For those who just can not help themselves during this time of the year. There are actually healthier Christm dimmer ideas to tone down those proteins.

Eating like a vegan is actually nothing difficult, and it can also be tasty. You just replaced everything into either veggie, cheese, tofu, and rice. Like, have a healthy roasted cauliflower with garlic butter potatoes and glazed mushroom and Brussel sprout. The dessert part is extremely exquisite with a menu like no-bake raw almond cake or Lentil’s Pie.

If you still got that frown on your face, these pictures of the vegan approved menu may shed some light into the whole idea. Even if you are not vegan, these recipes actually quite familiar in the dinner table.

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